I’ve temporarily relocated to NYC to join the Occupy movement. I’m going between things a bit still. Come Dec I will be working full time on tech projects to support not only Occupy Wall St., but the broader community.

I originally entered publishing as a vehicle for activism in founding OCAD’s newspaper, Bite. I’ve for many years supported non-profits and artists by enabling their expression with technology as principal of Ideograph.

I will not be taking new paid work for a while and living meagerly while I work with a really great group of inspirational people on building a better world today. We are not a leaderless movement, but rather a movement of leaders.

I call on you to ignore your doubts, to believe in yourself, and to exercise your democratic rights and freedoms. You are the 99%.

It will not always be easy, but it will be honest. There are many obvious things wrong with the world, yet the solutions are not so obvious. By working together, we can fix what corporations are destroying. We can rethink government, economies, and social welfare.




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This is the blog of Andrew Mallis, a Toronto-born, San Francisco-based polymedia artist. I work in new(er) media with code, photography and electronics, and in traditional media by writing, drawing & painting.