Thanks to everyone who helped to make the event happen. And happen it did.

A special note of appreciation to Shawn and UCSC and Zach and Stanford, and Will and Chapter Three,  and the amazing volunteers, and participants that made the prequel event something of note and the beginning of a promising future for Hi-Ed summits.

Thanks to all the presenters at both events. It was the sum of all participants at every level that made the event something of note for everyone, I hope.

While 1,500 people are  only a small number of the total base, as a sampling of the Drupal community, it was evenly split between biz/dev, themers, developers, and presenter/organizer/booth-people. There was a very small minority of users, or recent adopters this year compared to last and I felt the agre bracket was maybe a bit older compared to DrupalCon, but these are all impressions based on my own sampling of the sampling.

I’m left with mixed feelings about Dries’ “from product to industry” mantra, and questions of market dominance linger still.

Overall, I thought the event was stellar. My session went pretty well. I’m aiming to refine it and re-present in Toronto and New York. Maybe even Denver?

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This is the blog of Andrew Mallis, a Toronto-born, San Francisco-based polymedia artist. I work in new(er) media with code, photography and electronics, and in traditional media by writing, drawing & painting.