Traffic in Tehran is hard to describe, and even harder to photograph. Driving in Tehran is quite creative. The rules of the road seem to be more like guidelines or suggestions.

This video consists of about 2.5 minutes of footage taken at dusk, just as Eftar is announced. Most people are at home breaking their fast; many of these individuals seem to be on their way there also.

The moves you’ll see in this video may seem exceptional by certain standards, but I can assure you that they are quite the norm here. Compliance with driving protocols is an active topic of conversation. Recent government initiatives include a media campaign and in-school program encouraging seatbelt usage, and signage pleading to use lanes as they are painted.

Urban traffic in Iran is as extreme a paradox as any other here. People will sit down for tea and conversation for 6 hours, but the conversion to pedestrian is accompanied with a need to cross the street immediately. Doorways are slow to traverse, as one person will plead the other pass first, but on highways right-of-way is replaced with right-away.

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This is the blog of Andrew Mallis, a Toronto-born, San Francisco-based polymedia artist. I work in new(er) media with code, photography and electronics, and in traditional media by writing, drawing & painting.