DrupalCamp Toronto 2008 took place on Friday, May 23 and Saturday, May 24 2008 at the Bissel Building at U of T. Thanks to organizers André Molnar, Alan Dixon, Jane Zhang, Jamon Camisso, Dan Kurtz, myself, and William Roboly (last-minute chauffeur extraordinaire), the event went off pretty well, in my estimation.

Some photos of the event were tagged on flickr here.

We had about 150 attendees, and 21 sessions over the two days, as well as a reception on the Friday with free booze and cheese. I’m especially proud of the t-shirts this year, which I think were totally rockin’.

The event website http://2008.drupalcamptoronto.org/ lists the sessions we ran, participants, and also, our generous sponsors, without which we would never have been able to pull this off. This year again, excellent catering was provided by Vert Catering and the Afghan Women’s Goup.

The organization happened in a free form manner, mainly out of the Linux CafĂ© on Harbord St. I’d definitely consider helping out again next year. I’d like to see a bit better communication and role definition, though. I also wouldn’t mind upping the event profile a bit more, maybe with a keynote speaker.

I was personally quite jazzed by John Resig’s jQuery presentation. I’ve always been offput by most Javascript, but am now totally jazzed at how easy it can be. I’ve already been toying around with the starterkit. I’m hooked. I’ve got to order me a book or two.

Another notable session for me was Wrestling the Octopus: Using Pageroute and Nodereference to Manage Complex Node Relationships which also introduced me to the node relativity module which seems like it will address a development issue I’m having right now with a couple of business listing sites.

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