Firefox 2 is awesome for so many more reasons besides not being IE or Safari. For one, I find the spellcheck really handy. Until today, I didn’t know you could load additional dictionaries as easily as other extensions. Just go here and click on your language of choice. Now if you’re in your webmail and typing in another language, no more red lines!

my other top 6 FF extensions:

  • developer toolbar -  great for checking out form info, CSS, clearing cache, disable JS or images and lots more
  • firebug – inspect page elements, and edit CSS, HTML and JS right on the page. I use this every day.
  • bookmarks – add and tag pages to easily and while you’re there.
  • colorzilla – eyedropper for web pages and also a colour picker/palette
  • screen grab! – save a whole web page as an image without having to scroll down.
  • measure it – draw out a ruled box to measure pixel dimensions on the screen
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