For those of you that are technically savvy, you already knew that this blog was already RSS enabled. For those of you that rely entirely on email for your communications, I’ve set up a method for you to sign up to receive email notifications when the blog is updated.

If you enter your email in the space provided in the right sidebar, you’ll receive an email notification that includes a brief summary of the contents of new posts to the site. Notifications won’t be sent out for trivial postings and you can unsubsribe at anytime without human intervention by clicking on a special link at the footer of the emails sent out by the notification system.

Alternatively, you can keep abreast of posts and comments via RSS by clicking on the link in the footer of the site that looks like this: RSS icon. In a nutshell, RSS allows users to aggregate subscriptions to different websites in one view, via a feed reader. In this manner you can receive the headlines from the NYT arts section, the Wall Street Journal business section, and blog content all in one place, creating your own newspaper that is live an up-to-date. You can even receive the Reuters and CP wire at the same time as all the major news organizations!

While there are also feeds set up for each post, appearing in the footer, like so:
example post footerI’d recommend ignoring those feeds, focusing instead on the main feed for the site. To learn more about RSS, visit this link at the BBC, or for a more complete definition, this wikipedia entry.

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This is the blog of Andrew Mallis, a Toronto-born, San Francisco-based polymedia artist. I work in new(er) media with code, photography and electronics, and in traditional media by writing, drawing & painting.